Monday, July 11, 2016

A bit of a delay...

Gah! So close!

Yes, June 2016 has come and gone and The Dead Ringer hasn't hit the shelves yet.

No, don't panic!

Nothing is wrong with my lovely little tale of murder and intrigue.

It is just the vagaries of the publishing industry meant my publisher decided to move about release dates. And so I must wait a little longer for my launch date. We're probably looking at early 2017, which feels SOOOO far away right now. But, patience is the name of the game in this job. Everything takes time. And Liberties Press is such a great publisher, that I am more than happy to do what they feel is best.

In the meantime I'm pretty busy anyway. I'm on my holidays from college right now, but come September it's into my final year, so I will be up to my eyes. And at the same time, I am writing book two. I also occasionally look after my children and feed them.

Here are a few illustration and drawings from year one of my diploma... (why? Sure, why not?...)

Mixed media character creation.

Watercolour of a shrew from the Natural History Museum.

Ink life drawing

Mixed media/watercolour project.

Charcoal life drawing.

Comic exercise

Mixed media/acrylic/watercolour

Imagine Transfer and Etching print.

Friday, March 18, 2016

All Good Things

Someone pinch me.


Yep, I'm awake.

It's not a dream.

What felt like the impossible has actually happened!

As the avid readers of this blog - (Hi mammy!) - will know, this time last year I was chosen as a finalist in the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair. A Dragon's Den for novelists as I saw someone describe it. It was an incredible day, the glow of which will take a very long time to fade.

Something they told us over and over at the Writers Centre was this - the results of the day will take time. There is unlikely to be an instant development. We were all like 'Wha'??! Once the publishers read my 10k words they are going to be bare-knuckle fighting each other over my book! I'll be signed by the end of the week!'

Funnily enough, they were right. There has been a lot of waiting. It is practically a year to the day since we all gathered in that amazing Georgian room and begged and peaded with the array of agents and publishers to Love us! Love our books!


As the mammy used to say (well, she never actually said it, but she could have...) All good things come to those who wait...

(Okay, not strictly true either... I know a lot of talented, brilliant waiters who are still waiting...)


It has happened.

The wonderful, amazing, brilliant, clever, devastatingly handsome and breathtakingly beautiful, people at Liberties Press as going to publish my debut crime novel, 'The Dead Ringer'!

Its really hard to sum up how delighted I am :)

Anyway, I'll have more details soon, but mark the end of June in your diaries, cause that's when The Dead Ringer, my debut crime thriller hits the shelves!!!